Track and optimize your dietary and metabolic health, simply by using the toilet.

Bisu Washlet

A replacement toilet seat for easy home use

Comes with integrated sample collection device for hands-free operation and fingerprint recognition for multiple users

Bisu Mobile

A portable analyzer for use anywhere

Comes with a wireless charging station, interchangeable regent cartridges and a detachable sample collection device

Know yourself from the inside out.

Unlock the health data hidden in your urine

Urine contains many biomarkers which reflect your dietary and metabolic health. Bisu’s technology gives you access to this valuable data

Receive personalized advice direct to your phone

We interpret your data based on previous tests and your profile, and provide customized feedback to help you optimize your health and reach your goals

Test on-site and get results in minutes

No sending away samples to a lab – unlike blood testing, urine testing can be performed completely on-site and the results obtained in minutes

Run multiple tests with no cleanup required

Choose the biomarkers which fit your health goals. Check multiple markers with a single scan and no cleanup thanks to our self-cleaning technology

Bisu Washlet will be available for beta testing in 2018.

Contact us to see a demo of our current prototype

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What biomarkers do the devices measure?

A: The devices measure fat metabolism, dietary balance and hydration. While we also aim to measure electrolyte balance, we cannot guarantee this at present. We will release information on the precise substances being detected in due course.

Q: How accurate are the measurements? What if my urine is dilute or concentrated?

A: We are able to detect extremely small concentrations as low as 0.05mmol/L. All measurements taken are adjusted for concentration to ensure that consistently accurate data is obtained, regardless of whether your urine is dilute or concentrated.

Q: What is the technology involved?

A: Each sample is analyzed using a microfluidic chip, an RGB spectrometer and pH and ion-sensitive sensors. After each test the inside of the device is cleaned with a cleaning solution, and the data sent to the cloud for analysis and display on your phone. Each month you will receive a replacement cartridge to replenish the chemical reagents consumed by the device.

Q: What is the science involved?

A: We will release both third party research and our own proprietary research for each biomarker analyzed in due course.

Q: How do I perform a test?

A: For Bisu Washlet, we expect that you will be able to activate the device using its fingerprint recognition sensor (when sitting down), or by using your mobile phone (when standing up). You will then pee onto the device’s sample collection arm, which moves into position on activation. The device will notify you when the sample has been successfully captured, and you can flush the toilet as normal. You will receive the results of your test several minutes later, and the device will clean itself automatically.

For Bisu Mobile, the device will come with a detachable collection device which is inserted into the body of the device for testing, and removed afterwards for disposal of the waste sample (details TBC).

Q: When should I perform tests?

A: While the best time to test will vary depending on what biomarkers you have chosen to test, we generally advise that you test either first thing in the morning before breakfast, or after dinner in the evening before going to sleep. We will release more detailed information on this (including research evidence) in due course.

Q: How long do reagent cartridges last?

A: We expect that each reagent cartridge will last for one month assuming you perform one test each day. We hope to provide you with replacement cartridges more or less frequently than this according to your testing frequency.

Q: How much will the devices cost?

A: We are unable to give price indications at present because we are still at the pre-manufacturing stage. We will however provide more information on this as soon as we are able to. Sign up to receive product updates here in the meantime!

Q: Can I become a beta tester?

A: We welcome applicants for beta testing of Bisu Washlet. Please get in touch first to receive a prototype demo and discuss your needs, so we can confirm whether we are able to shortlist you for our 2018 beta test. Please note that because we are prioritizing Bisu Washlet we are not currently planning a beta test of Bisu Mobile, but this may change in future.

Q: Why is Bisu Washlet coming first?

A: We are focused on providing the best user experience possible for our customers. While we appreciate that some customers would like to be able to test anywhere, we believe Bisu Washlet will be more convenient for most people given that the best time to perform tests is either first thing in the morning, or at night before bed.

Q: When can I pre-order?

A: As our priority is on preparing for our 2018 beta test, we cannot comment on the expected timing for pre-orders. However, you can sign up to receive product updates here in the meantime!

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We help people track and optimize their dietary and metabolic health, simply by using the toilet.

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